Top 10 Highest Paid Women Athletes in the World 2013

The top ten highest paid female athletes are dominantly tennis players, but participants of other sports have managed to sneak their way onto the list including female golfers, figure skating, and even auto racing. The highest paid female athletes make a good deal of money considering they make more than the majority of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL players. Here are the top ten highest paid female athletes of 2013:

Maria Sharapova

10. Yani Tseng

Tseng has been the most dominant golfer, male or female, during the past two-and-a-half years with 20 victories, including five Majors. The Taiwanese star is on the verge of qualifying for the World Golf Hall of Fame, despite being only 23-years-old.

9. Agnieszka Radwaska

Born on March 6, 1989, this Polish professional tennis player comes in at number nine of the highest paid female athletes in 2013. In 2006, Radwa?ska won the Women’s Tennis Association’s (WTA) Most Impressive Newcomer award and has been voted the WTA’s most popular player in both 2011 and 2012. Radwa?ska began her tennis career at the age of four after being introduced to the sport by her father. She turned pro in 2005, earning her enough money to land in at number nine on this list.

8. Ana Ivanovic

Competing as a professional since 2005, Ana Ivanovic has won a total of 11 WTA singles titles, including one Grand Slam singles title. Time magazine included Ivanovic as one of the 30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present, and Future. She was also included on the list of the Top 100 Greatest Players ever by reporter Matthew Cronin. Her breakthrough occurred during the 2004 Zurich Open where she qualified and beat Venus Williams in the second round of two tiebreak sets. Since 2008, Ivanovic has struggled to make the Grand Slam, but due to her huge lifetime contract with Adidas, she continues to be one of the highest paid female athletes in the world.

7. Kim  Yuna

The 2010 Olympic champion sat out the 2011-12 skate season, but plans to return for the 2012-13 season with the goal of skating in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Kim is the headliner in the All That Skate figure skating show. The South Korean played a key role in attracting the 2018 Winter Olympics to Pyeongchang, South Korea.

6. Victoria Azarenka

Victoria Azarenka is a Belarusian professional tennis player. She has formerly been ranked number one in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association and is ranked number two as of late June 2013. Azarenka has not been on the tennis scene all that long, either. She debuted on the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) junior tour in November 2003 and ever since has played her way to stardom.

 5. Danica Patrick

Thrilling Lady in field of Racing “Danica Patrick” is the Fifth Highest Paid Female Athletes in 2013. her Full- Time Racing in “Nascar” Boosted her Income. She Has Also Signed the Deal With Cock-Zero.

4. Caroline Wozniacki

Danish professional tennis player and Former World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki is the Fourth Highest Paid Female Athletes 2013. Although She Never Won a Single Major Title in her Career. Her Current Earning is $13.7 million.

3. Serena Williams

She is probably the richest female start on planet, she is 4th in the list of tennis start who won more prize money than anyone else inluding men, she also have a big paying Nike sponsorship deal to her name. Winnings French Open in 2013 will surely increase here chance of overtaking Sharapova.

2. Li Na

Li Na became the first Chinese player to win a singles Grand Slam event at the 2011 French Open. Li is set to see her earnings soar as she has been busy signing new seven-figure deals with companies like Mercedes-Benz that joined Nike, Haagen-Dazs and Rolex in her endorsement portfolio.

1. Maria Sharapova

The final tennis player on the list, number 7 if you are keeping count, is Maria Sharapova. The 26 year old who is currently ranked number 3 in the world, has been the highest paid female athlete since 2006. As you can see, most of her earnings come from endorsements and sponsorships. Sharapova’s endorsements over time have included Motorola, Land Rover, Tiffany and Nike. Sharapova must have some business sense, because as she has fought a shoulder injury for many years, she has turned her name into a lucrative brand. Sharapova has a tennis clothing brand with Nike, and designs shoes and handbags for Cole Haan. Most recently, Sharapova signed a deal with Porsche as brand ambassador for three years.

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