Top 10 Best FPS Games For PC For 2014

Imagine a world without first person shooters. Two hands holding a gun, shooting at virtual poor people in the face forever. A world without it? Unimaginable. Next year there will be a lot of new and probably great shooters out for us all blind.

Top 10 FPS Games For PC 2014

Let’s shoot men, women, dogs, cats, aliens, zombies and robots. And all the other things that we use firearms, knives, rifles, rocket launchers and strange contraptions that initiate kittens. It will be fun. Here are the ten games for the year 2014:

10. Tower of Guns

tower of guns

Tower of Guns is a rouge-like FPS where players are given a choice of a firearm and perk and then are left to their own devices for survival in a world of scrap metal cannons, sentient buzz saws and roaming explosives. As the player progresses, they will grab a variety of drops that allow them to level up their gun, making it stronger and more accurate. Each hit reduces your gun’s level meter, so your actual health bar becomes somewhat of an afterthought as you struggle to stay as powerful as possible. But when shear skill and level advantage just won’t cut it, the game provides a series of mods and power-ups that can spawn anywhere at any time. Enemies have a small chance of dropping upgrades that will offer a variety of benefits (or hindrances) to the player.

9. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

battlefield 4 naval strike

For DLC with “naval” in its title, you could be forgiven for expecting a large scale, open warfare at sea. Yet for all the pomp and statistics about how much water has been poured into the four new maps in Battlefield 4’s latest, it’s amazing how little time you actually spend bouncing across it.

8. Deadcore

Deadcore has a strong futuristic look around. At the highest graphical settings viewpoints can be downright impressive with a draw distance Areneros putting to shame. The use of carbon textures and bright neon colors is reminiscent of the classic films of Tron, the area begins feels a lot like interpretation of test chambers Portal del 1990. The tower design is consistent throughout but with the range established by each level of separation. Some areas are stunning to look with smart design choices that help the player to identify hazards, goals, and save points out jaw droppingly.

7. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare error

Same weapons, the same historical events, the same ping when an M1 Garand runs out of ammo: After years of large first-person shooters, World War II came boring. So developers of Call of Duty took their considerable skill in creating a cinematic first person shooter Modern Warfare and delivered. The fourth game in the main line of COD MW reset expectations console shooters competition while giving access to the players as well, modern weaponry.

6. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


The Pre-Sequel in a nutshell is a series of small refinements wrapped in a narrative under par, filled to the brim with free fan service. And while that might be enough to placate Borderlands super-fans, casual gamers will find that things have not changed much, and that’s not enough to offset its history lacking. If you’ve played Borderlands 2, things look very familiar with the Pre-Sequel.

5. Alien Isolation

alien isolation

It is a game of exploration and survival that presents players by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. This game is based on the original film is completely different from other exotic games you’ve played before.

4. Wolfenstein- The New Order

This game is amazing with one of the coolest graphic effects. Wolfenstein – The New Order was released on March 20, 2014 and runs on platforms including, microsoft windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. The game has been developed by the company MachineGames Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. This game a single player mode and a shooting game high score with almost full of stars.

3. Far Cry 4

farcry 4 poster

That theme permeates choice Far Cry 4, too, which is very appropriate for the series has always had a strong sense of exploration, freedom and choice. But Far Cry 4 takes this freedom to another level within the story itself.

Far Cry 4 sees you play as Ajay Ghale, a young man who returns to his hometown of Kyrat with a mission – to spread the ashes of his recently deceased mother. As you know from the various trailers however, the arrival of Ajay in Kyrat not go as planned thanks to tyrannical king of the country, Pagan Min.

2. Lichdom


Xaviant studies have created a classic case of constructive deconstruction. The game stripped first by the magic system to its foundations, then analyzes what works and then relies on his strength-core which is allowing the player to mix freely combine their strategy according to their spells no cooldown artificial barrier that serves to maintain “fair” system. Lichdom is based on the basic elements of the action resulting reaction mixture and the formulation of strategies and left up to the player to use his magic unbarred within that system power. By doing so, lichdom offers more than just a satisfying experience to play as a wizard. Allows ability to take precedence over mere numbers, a complaint may be addressed in many RPGs, especially the The Elder Scrolls series. In lichdom you depends largely on their own reflexes and mental agility to win most difficult battles and boss fights and relatively less on the numbers behind the damage they can do. By way of direct comparison, eclipsing the magical systems of many RPGs and might even make it harder for you to enjoy his contemporaries in the genre of still maintaining her to such limitations based on time.

1. Titanfall


Topping the list is Titanfall launched in March 2014 for PC and next-generation consoles and is a shooter multiplayer first person. In Titanfall, players control the “pilots” and his style of mech Titans, and fight matches every six set in space colonies. Many critics have considered this game as the successful evolution of first shooter genre. The game boasts up to 50 characters that can be active in a single game. Activity no player will have reduced services Microsoft cloud computing to optimize local graphics performance. The game is said to have taken inspiration from Star Wars and Blade Runner.

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10 Things To Do During Long Transit At Dubai Terminal

There is nothing more stressful than being stuck in transit for hours, especially in long distance travel. We are here to give you tips to help you arrive at your destination feeling fresh. Transits during Dubai can be made interesting doing interesting things. Dubai terminal itself is quite impressive inside. Passengers can also check out the huge Duty Free Area at the terminal is also worth recommended. The decor is wonderful. It has an amazing architecture, which makes this airport to be one of the most amazing, beautiful and largest airports of the world. Few more interesting things to pass your time during your transit at Dubai Airport are given below:

Dubai Terminal

1. Hotels

After long distances flights, passengers really get tired and need to take proper rest and long nice naps during their transit at the airport. If you really need to have a sleep, take advantage of the rooms and luxurious amenities at the Dubai International Hotel, located on the third level of the Sheikh Rashid Terminal. The Hotel offers fantastic views of the runway and is easy to roam to Dubai Duty Free. So, this is an approachable thing to do if you really don’t wish to leave the airport.

2. Desert Safari

There can be no other better deal than visiting this amazing place ‘Desert Safari’. It is very reliable and easy to go to this trip, proper facilitation is provided to the passengers who want to visit Desert Safari from the airport. You are entitled to be picked up and dropped back to your destination. They pick you up at 3 and drop you back by 9 pm. It costs anywhere between 150 to 115 Durhams/person.

You are welcome with drinks, water and beverages cold and hot, a big buffet spread and free camel rides and photo opportunities, you also get a henna tattoo done for free on one hand, and sheesha smoking. You are also get the chance to see the amazing  tandora dances, fire dances, magic shows and belly dancing. Before you reaching the dance venue, you ride through sand dunes and the vehicles with deflated tires take you on a real roller coaster like ride across the sand dunes which is quite exciting, thrilling and amazing.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park

Another smashing, thrilling and extreme fun point is this water park. Every family member specialy kids will love this place. Do visit, if you want to have the real fun. Swimming, surfing and playing in water is always a big fun for families.

4. Beauty Spa And Health Clubs

You will also find top class beauty salons, health club caters at the airport. You can spend quality relaxing time in any of these places. You can relax having nice pedicures, manicures, body massage.

5. Swimming pools At Terminal

In case if you are into something fun as well as refreshing then there is available a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gymnasium. You can have best time during your long transit at Dubai Terminal. You can also search for any other place, malls from the terminal, it can definitely help you find your desired place you wish to pay a visit. Dubai is a beautiful place to visit.

6. Shopping Malls

Shopping Stores and malls in this city are embodiment of unbridled fantasy, offering surreal attractions to you. The grand Mall Of Emirates has an indoor ski slope with real snow, if you fancy a quick slalom between shopping and going to the beach. You will love to shop, eat, drink and do whatever you want to. Malls in Dubai gives a whole package of entertainment.

7. Khan Murjan Souk

Khan Murjan Souk recently opened in Dubai. It is huge, amazingly architectured, inside the Wafi Mall you will find, House of Chanel, Marks & Spencer and Montblanc, the new Raffles Hotel.

8. Mall Of Arabia

All can be overcome by the Mall of Arabia, which will open its doors in 2008 as the largest in the world at 10 million square meters mall. With a real life Jurassic Park-like dinopark called Restless Planet inside. That is a real fun and trilling option to spend your best time out there.

9. Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay in Dubai is one of the greatest habitat of the world. It is one of the most sophisticated and well managed dolphin habitats. Here you can choose from a vital range of dolphin interactions of all ages and swimming abilities. You get a heavenly chance to experience of standing in shallow water, swimming or diving with these charismatic, amazing, loving creatures. All Dolphin Bay packages also include access to Aqua-venture water park. Do visit. It will be a great fun.

10. Skiing In Ski Dubai

Can anyone ever think of skiing in desert? Well, this dream of yours can be fulfilled in Dubai. It is a must go place. Go skiing in the desert at Ski Dubai. It is an indoor ski resort, located inside the Mall of the Emirates. Don’t hesitate if you are unaware of skiing. You can take a lesson as a beginner or, if you’re confident on two skis, hire your own equipment and hit the slopes. Don’t miss the chance of having a great time.

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